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Ticket printing module (SBPrintTicket)

Module to generate and print tickets (show, transportation, ski, ...) emitted on the web or a point of sale

Ticket selling module (SBCaisse)

Multisite solution for selling tickets (show, transportation, ski, ...)

Application of picture capturing (SBCapture)

SBCapture allows you to take pictures and to print cards (identities, access, fidelity..) text customization, magnetic, barcode or chip

Card printing module (SBPrintCard)

Central service of card printing with text customization, magnetic, barcode or chip. The printing requests are made via a remotely accessible web interface

Service calls management (SBService)

module to manage service calls and responses

Time management and pointing module (SBPunch)

The ATS computer system, Access and Time System, aims to improve and simplify the scheduling management and the service of employees payroll